Lakeside on Preston


The Development Department provides design services for commercial, residential (single and multi-family), and institutional development. The department consists of a team of professionals and technical support personnel with extensive experience.

NDM achieves a balance between design, budget, and schedule concerns to ensure that the engineered solution is compatible and economical for the communities it serves. NDM enhances the design by carefully studying physical, environmental, economic, and security factors in the preliminary design phase. Whether the facility is for commercial, institutional, or residential, NDM overcomes the challenges to accomplish the best design solutions while reducing maintenance costs over the life of the project. NDM engineers know how to listen, think, and deliver state-of-the art facilities while embracing a commitment to environmentally friendly design. 

NDM’s development department provides entitlement and development services, quality design, and timely permitting.


  • Site and Land Use Planning
  • Site Investigation
  • Site Utility Design
  • Site Paving
  • Development Layouts
  • Zoning Presentations
  • Preliminary and Final Plats
  • Grading Plans
  • Paving, Water, Sewer, and Drainage Improvements
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Construction Management